By Terry

Éclat Opulent Nutri-Lifting Foundation - By Terry

This revolutionary foundation performs a lifting action on the most scarred areas of mature skin, instantly filling them with an unprecedented radiance for a healing "bare skin" effect.


Its formula based on anti-wrinkle actives and extraordinarily comfortable high-tech texture enclose fourteen of the most effective substances for fighting the signs of aging and fatigue on the skin.
Enriched with hydro-redensifying and ultra-smoothing hyaluronic acid filler spheres, Protectine, an antioxidant cellular protector, and Soft-lift, an optical anti-wrinkle and anti-imperfection concealer, this fluid foundation ensures that even the dullest complexions will be flawlessly illuminated with a natural, pleasing radiance.


Features are smoother, contours are firmer, wrinkles are filled, shadow areas are diminished, and the complexion is more even and enlivened with a fresh, natural, long-lasting radiance.
Perfectly smoothed, skin is illuminated and glows with youthfulness.


Apply the rich, replenishing formula with fingertips or Precision Brush 6, always in upward strokes.

Capacity: 30 ml