Fantomas - Nasomatto

This bottle of perfume is part of the Nasomatto project. The fragrance invites to catch the elusive scent of transgressiveness accomplished with naturalness and at the same time refined precision. "The Nose"

An experiment aimed at mastering and amplifying the power of the nose.
Fantomas leaves an unmistakable trace that pushes us to investigate further.
A persistent trail that evokes the acumen and elegance of a perfectly executed plan. It is the mysterious essence of the most unscrupulous situations, whose continuous evolution on the skin generates olfactory illusions. The revelation of a glaring truth... or its inherent duplicity. The fragrance of a complex crime.

Every Nasomatto fragrance is the fruit of the experiences, memories, dreams and sensations, even the most transgressive, that Alessandro Gualtieri wanted to evoke.