Hermetica Paris

FigFever - Hermetica Paris

The air ripples in waves all around as the temperature rises even higher; a chill runs through burnt skin. The sun has an amber hue.
After feeling this density, the fragrance slowly drifts into its languor, after savoring the shade and surrendering to the inner fire of a fragrance, like the pulp of fruit or the nectar of flowers.
This is the moment when FigFever comes into full and glorious bloom on the skin.

FigFever places the fig leaf molecule at the center, through which all the freshness of the composition is revealed, combined with blackcurrant extract and bergamot essence.
The fig leaf molecule, combined with floral notes, leaves on the skin an amber and woody facet that gives the fragrance fullness, strength and brightness.


Essence of bergamot, Fig leaf molecule, Blackcurrant extract.