Cire Trudon

II - Cire Trudon

It is told of new beginnings, the life of a forest that transcends the seasons. It is sensually symbiotic in its combining elements: an eau de Cologne that inspires and indicates a magical place.

II is the quintessence of union, the unique bond that unites two beings. It is transcendence, an exhortation to devotion that reveals its fragrance as an emerald green impulse.
" Vibrant green of this fragrance is the picture of a forest; pines, junipers and cedars covered with moss and berries in a damp earthly soil. It is a modern interpretation of the eau de Cologne; a peppery green scent with bitter orange from Brazil. It is an essence suitable for everyone because of its ability to unite and bring two people together," says Lyn Harris.

Green leaves, bitter orange
Pines, pepper, juniper
Cedar, incense, amber, cashmeran

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