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Inhibit High Definition Serum - Natura Bissé

The Inhibit collection was born out of the need to look immaculate, to show off that first impression with strength, affirmation, beauty. We consider the Inhibit high definition serum a masterpiece; truly reflecting our deep commitment to introducing facial correction formulas without invasive procedures.
Developed with our patented Skinform Molecular Technology®, formulated with a high concentration of ingredients that help fight the signs of aging, this serum helps inhibit facial contractions while filling and smoothing wrinkles and intensely hydrating.

Smoothes and minimizes wrinkles and expression lines, preventing their appearance.

Helps combat loss of firmness and elasticity.

Results in fuller, more supple skin.

Minimizes signs of fatigue on the skin.


The unique combined actions of Octamioxyl® and conotoxin help inhibit and relax facial contractions that cause the appearance of expression lines.

FILLS AND MOISTURIZES: Dermafill Complex III, which includes triple hyaluronic acid, Aquaxyl, panthenol, cholesterol, amaranth oil, mango and shea butter and niacinamide, intensely hydrates to improve skin volume.

LIFTS: Copper and collagen peptides provide a long-lasting tensor effect that fights sagging and loss of firmness.

REFORMS: Advanced biotechnological ingredients, such as PDGF (Platelet Derived Growth Factor) and BioMimetic Complex, contain 6 growth factors as well as amino acids and nutrients to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin.