V - Misoka

Misoka V is a toothbrush born of a fruitful collaboration with dentists. Following the brushing techniques they suggested, Misoka has shaped the shape of the head and handle, while maintaining the special feature of cleaning with water only.
The V-shaped tips of the toothbrush allow for thorough brushing between teeth, while the back row of the flat part is suitable for general brushing of teeth and gums: from one product you can get two different brushing techniques.
The handle has been designed to optimise the performance of the hybrid head, so holding the brush in the same way as holding a pen gives you gentle control over your cleaning.
The cover has been specially designed to fit the unique shape of the hybrid head and not only protects the brush from dirt but also keeps the bristles in their optimum condition as a convenient accessory.

Various assorted colours.

Format 180 mm x 11 mm - bristle length: 11 mm
Bristle material Nylon
Handle material AS resin Heat resistant up to 60° C
Bristle hardness Normal
Weight (brush and box) approx. 38 g