Escentric Molecules

Molecule 01 + Mandarin - Escentric Molecules

Iso E Super is an abstract synthetic molecule, characterized by a cedar wood note, warm, velvety and enveloping.

Tangerine is a natural extract. Tangerine, fruity and aromatic, is released on the skin, giving it radiance thanks to its citrus zest.

This transparency means that it fades quickly, so Geza Schoen has reworked it to give it a more intense shade, adding an ingredient from the tangerine that is normally used for flavoring that has given it a juicy twist. When it fades, Molecule 01 takes over, creating a warm and exciting sensation that plays with that sparkling freshness.

Tangerine and Iso E Super dance together without any other notes getting in the way: the tangerine disappears and Molecule 01 remains with its simplicity, in a composition that is perpetually changing from start to finish.