Escentric Molecules

Molecule 02 - Escentric Molecules

The Ambroxan has a subtle sensual touch that radiates persistent in the tail. It is a crystal with a chemical structure identical to ambrox, derived from ambergris.
For centuries ambergris has been perhaps the most precious ingredient in perfumery. It is a substance that has a mysterious quality, expelled by the sperm whale or sperm whale and that matures its refined scent only after it has floated over the ocean for a long time. Nowadays grey amber is difficult to find and the "amber" contained in modern fragrances is generally a laboratory equivalent of some of the aromatic molecules that make up its perfume. The finest of these is undoubtedly the natural-identical Ambroxan molecule. What has always made amber grey so sought after is its refinement and sensuality, qualities that remain in Ambroxan.