More Than Words - Xerjoff

More than Words from the Join The Club collection interprets the club of minds, who accept no boundaries other than the size of the sheet of paper: writers and poets who share a passion for literature and the artistic temptation of words, to emphasize their inner vision.

Beyond emotions, beyond explanations and sensations, the fragrance opens the doors of this melancholic world of eloquence, with the oriental smell of woods, flowers and fruits to encapsulate dignity, drama and passion.

More than Words opens with sweet fruits and berries to promise a woody, woody heart. Like the first drafts of a novel, the opening is about an artistic, disordered feeling; but it immediately rests with sumptuous oud, as the cornerstone of modern perfumery and emblem of authenticity and age.

More than Words approaches a poetic spell with the rise of a floral and oriental accord, which sublimates its fruity dimensions and underlines the oud.
With its sweet and dark floral theme, semi- smoky shades of incense and wild labdanum, the fragrance enters its latest fascinating chapter - with a certain floral oud, lush oriental notes and creamy grey amber - to crown the oud with the supernatural power of luxury.