Naxos - Xerjoff

Naxos celebrates the deep and sensual heart of Sicily with a rich scent pervaded by traditions not only baroque, but also contemporary.
With its Mediterranean and passionate character, Naxos conveys a joyful vitality thanks to its citrus notes, mixed with sweet floral notes and intensified by the clear and bold contrast of precious spices.

It embodies the richness of a unique land, whose olfactory trace reflects a thousand-year-old heritage of conquests and dominations, of extraordinary artistic masterpieces characterized by a stylistic hybrid.

Naxos cleverly mixes classic, light, citrus top notes with precious scents ranging from exotic notes of cinnamon to sweet notes of vanilla and honey.

Its essence combines the virgin purity of white flowers and jasmine wrapped in their evanescent, romantic trail, releasing a base note marked by a resolute and masculine scent of tobacco and Tonka bean.


Citrus fruits, Cinnamon, White Flowers, Jasmine, Tonka Bean, Honey, Vanilla, Tobacco