ramon monegal

Next To Me - Ramon Monegal

A unique elixir of Indian oud, Turkish rose and
Somali frankincense with a delicate
presence of Spanish saffron and Russian leather.

I am fascinated by the allegory of the power that is
breathe in Dubai. Wrapped by sand and sea, activated
by the majestic energy of the sun, Dubai can
turning every dream into reality. With this
creation I tried to summon the fantastic power
of spirits, wizards and geniuses of the Thousand and One Nights.
Olfactory Image. Pure, sophisticated and very exclusive.
Main Ingredients and Tone

Indian oud, Egyptian jasmine, saffron
Spanish, Indonesian nutmeg, frankincense
Somalian, Australian sandalwood, Turkish rose, leather
Russian, Spanish cistum-labdane and
Brazilian tonka bean.