Memo Paris

Ocean Leather - Memo Paris

In the middle of the ocean, feeling the electric presence of an animal.

The water comes to life, the air fills with a unique scent. A jet of water vapour appears, carrying a splash of mandarin oil, violet, basil essence. At first an apparition. Then, it reveals itself, with its skin coloured like the fruits of Elemi, smooth and shiny, thanks to millions of drops of water. A whale, carrying the murmur of the depths, the stories shared from one boat to another, with bridges that smell of Cedar Essence, the strength of the sailors, their appearance, the power of their hands. On its way, the freshness of citrus fruits welcomes deeper shades of Sage Absolute, Nutmeg, Vetiver essence. As imposing as an iron, its armour, its skin, protects it.
It is its strength, its secret. And the Captain knows it.


Mandarin, Sage, Vetiver, Leather