Memo Paris

Oriental Leather - Memo Paris

A dream landscape of reddish dunes. At sunset, the Wahiba
Sands in Oman project a unique glow into the sky. The sun is set
and the crescent moon pays tribute to the khanjar, the emblem of
sultanate. It shines as bright as this small sword, threaded
into the leather belt of men wearing the traditional costume
. The vault of heaven illuminates the path to Wadi Shab,
a lush paradise overflowing with patchouli. A majestic Orient
meets the eye. Oriental Leather keeps
its secrets and whispers them to Orion, whose constellation
sways through the night like a belt pendant. The notes of
amber and leather are revealed in broad daylight, when the world is
set in motion again in the souq of Mutrah, among the scents of lavender,
cinnamon and benzoin.

Lavender oil
Cinnamon oil
Patchouli oil