Ormaie Paris

Pain Perdu Candle - Ormaie

4:30, after school, backpack thrown away.
Sugar boils in the pot, we sit down.

Like a forgotten hour, Pain Perdu is the scent of a sweet moment.
A moment of fluctuation between almond and vanilla.
The hour of tea.


Bran, Cedar, Tonka Bean

Burning time: 45 to 60 hours

ORMAIE candles are entirely designed with natural materials.
Their wax is composed of coconut oil, soybeans and beeswax


When you first light the candle, let it burn for two to three hours to prevent the wax from forming a cavity around the wick.
Then, before each use, cut the wick 5 mm high for better diffusion.

Dimensions 11 cm Height x 12 cm Width
Material Porcelain casket