Il Letterato Pure White Candleholder - Ginori

Symbol of wisdom, Il Letterato is a contemplator of the design of life, an attentive observer and a skilful storyteller of human plots.
The Letterato - a scented decorative totem - is a porcelain sculpture depicting a face on a bust.
On the top is adorned with a cylindrical headdress, able to carefully guard the candle and its thoughts.

Also available the refill with 6 scented 40 gr candles.

Fragrance: BLACK STONE.
Inspired by the Black Stone talisman given by the court astrologer to Caterina de' Medici.
This fragrance is reminiscent of the spices used by alchemists at that time.
Black Stone - a surprising bravery attitude - is the perfume of discovery, able to keep alive the fire in each of us.

Olfactory Family: Oriental

- Top Notes: Nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon
- Heart notes: Patchouli
- Base notes: Amber, Musk