Frederic Malle

Portrait of a Lady Hair Mist - Frederic Malle

Frédéric Malle's Hair Mist is a lighter variation on an original perfume formula, designed to grace your hair with a delicious, delicate freshness.

If a perfume is a portrait of the woman who wears it, here is one that reveals her inherent sophistication, flowing, like soft music, from the folds of her dress.

An exuberant dose of Turkish rose rests on a heart bed of patchouli soaked in sandalwood and incense.
An accord of clove, black currant, and raspberry binds the scent together for a final movement of symphonic femininity.


Top note: rose

Middle notes: black currant; raspberry; clove

Base notes: patchouli; sandalwood; frankincense

Size: 100 ml