Parco 1923

Perfume Eau de Toilette - Park 1923

The body essence is lively and fresh, naturally marries the skin. The selected flowers of the Park and the rough and ancient touch of the woods, on the other hand, maintains and highlights the strong character of the Abruzzo forests evoking the image of a fertile and legendary land, leaving on the skin the taste of something unique and precious, for those who want to bring with them every day, an exclusive memory of the sweet and wild heart of uncontaminated nature.

The Eau de Toilette is presented in a linear and elegant bottle. The bear's precious golden seal is set against the green of the woods, immediately evoking the nobility of the mountains. The cap is designed in Beech and Gentile Stone. A stone used for centuries in these lands, for the construction of noble palaces and beautiful churches.
At each vaporization, the porosity of the stone jealously captures those molecules that would otherwise be lost in the environment. Once the bottle has run out, the removable stone ring can be preserved, continuing to release the fragrance will prolong the experience of PARCO1923.

Juniper, Angelica
Honeysuckle, Broom, Iris
Oak Moss, Birch