Révolution - Cire Trudon

Revolution is a fragrance that permeates the skin and accumulates on human emotions during the day. It blends, leaving an air of mystery and intrigue around the body.

"The streets of Paris during the French Revolution, a smell of smoke and gunpowder. ♪ Anger and intense emotion on the faces of the crowd ♪ ♪ The houses are in flames and the cobblestones are flooded with oil: ♪ Horses are whistling; their knights, sweaty, are dressed in black leather. ♪ A touch ♪ ♪ of incense lightens the air, letting ♪♪ Revolution captures a moment in history ♪ ♪ A time when perfumes were raw and spread everywhere ♪ ♪ History is alive in this composition where smoke, wood, leather and incense reign.
And yet it is all the modern elements present in the formula that make the scent breathe.♪ A kind of harmony arises from these ♪ contrasting notes, leaving a refined, crisp fragrance of smoky wood that stays on the skin," explains Lyn Harris.


Elemi, Angelica

Cedar, Papyrus

Juniper, Incense, Cistus, Opoponax