Rose Sunrise - Alexandre.J

Rose Alba perpetuates the spirit of The Collector by combining Eastern and Western influences. Driven by the desire to get around the rose, Alexandre.J immersed himself in the origins and history of this mythical flower. An emblematic flower of the Greco-Roman civilization, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra used it to seduce Emperor Mark Antony. Alexandre.J then imagined a red bottle reminiscent of the rich curtains of the palace, adorned with the Egyptian sunbearer: the beetle.

The caress of Rose Alba is felt by the first notes of fleshy plum. Wrapped in a soft peach skin, the rose is combined with sandalwood to provide an oriental, feminine and velvety rosewater.

Top notes: plum, peach skin, bergamot

Heart notes: alcoholic rose, black pepper

Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla white musk, modern wood