Silver Shadows - Alexandre.J

A mix between the Middle Eastern desert and French Baroque architecture, this collection of fragrances with the warmth of the elements and the change of scenery, evokes a timeless journey.

Like a luxury object, the design of these bottles is declined in iridescent colors and decorated with a gold chromed medallion.

Silver Ombre by Alexandre J. is characterized by amber, a warm and delicious amber... But to get there, one must first wander through a swarming of exotic treasures. Fresh fruit, apple, raspberry and crisp, exciting and energizing citrus fruits, followed by immaculate flowers, roses and irises. Tasty saffron and a rich breath of vanilla and spices, exotic woods and patchouli give it vigour.

Raspberry, lemon, apple,

Pink, saffron, moss,

Patchouli, amber, vanilla and white wood.