Symphonium - Xerjoff

Symphonium is a mystical tale, the intriguing evocation of a mystery with a row of delicious notes wrapped in a warm and woody aura.

Symphonium reveals itself with the spicy Spanish mandarin and the succulent orange juice. Like a chorus of divine voices, it melts the heart: an appetizing citrus accord that dialogues with Indian cardamom and the warm heart of Belgian chocolate.

Sweet, intense and deliciously dark, it lets go of an inevitably voluptuous musk. Enriched by Oud and woods of Thailand and Laos and the exquisite vanilla of Madagascar, Symphonium reveals its cryptic and mysterious personality.

Top Notes: Spanish Mandarin and orange

Heart Notes: Indian Cardamom and Belgian Chocolate

Base Notes: Musk, Madagascar Vanilla and Mix of Thai Oud from Laos