Memo Paris

Tiger's Nest - Memo Paris

The roar of incense.

Fire and flames, in the forests of the night.
Saffron. Burning eyes, tears from heaven.
Wormwood. Taktshang rises, like an arrow. Osmanthus.
Sacred mountain, forbidden to ascend. Amber.
Between low valleys and high mountains, the song of the wind on the cliffs.
Incense. Path clinging to dark rock, cave hidden from view.
Vanilla. Seven flaming shadows, a tiger's den.
Rose. With a soft, velvety movement, I stretch, slide and unfold.
Ylang ylang. Nothing will stop me, silent steps.
Papyrus. Staggering abyss, tamed legend.
Tiger's Nest is the roof over my world.




Incense Absolute