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Tolerance Recovery Cream - Natura Bissé

Ceutical Tolerance Recovery Cream was created specifically to fight the root of sensitive skin: intolerances and discomfort. In collaboration with cosmetic dermatologists, this formula contains ingredients such as Phytocután® , Fermentus glaciarum extract and Sensorphine neuropeptide, which soothe the skin, fight premature aging and strengthen the skin barrier.

In the world we live in, we are invariably exposed to external aggressors. Delicate skin, prone to irritation, peeling, tension and the insidious effects of microinflammation, constantly needs some sort of recovery. This cream is the solution.

• Nourishes and moisturizes to help recover sensitive skin.
• Strengthens the skin's defense system, preventing premature aging.
• Reduces the symptoms of skin discomfort.