Travel Toothbrush Misoka for TO&FRO - Misoka

The travel Misoka was born from the collaboration with the Travel Gear TO & FRO brand, considered one of the best producers of items with functional lightness and compactness. The size of the product is smaller than that of a packet of chewing gum, a carabiner can be inserted into the hole made in the toothbrush, while inserting the head part into the cut on the case you get a toothbrush holder.

Various assorted colors.

Open format150 mm x 19 mm - Length of the bristles: 8 mm
Closed format98mm x 19mm x 16mm
Bristle materialNylon
Case / cap materialAS resin
Handle materialAS resin heat resistant up to 80 °
Hardness of the bristlesNormal
Weight (brush and box)about 40 g