Memo Paris

Vaadhoo - Memo Paris

What would you take to a desert island? On Vaadhoo, lost in the Maldives, you have everything you need. A ginger glow, a sparkle of basil, a pinch of cassis gems to start. Here at night, the sea lights up, showing you the way to your secret of jasmine, geranium, eternal flower seeds. As if the stars decide to leave the sky at sunset and join the sea to help you find your personal light and miraculously become a starfish. You can draw your hopes, dreams and desires directly from the water. Sounds like magic. You are close to the shore, surrounded by an enchanting smell of vetiver, patchouli and moss, all around you silent and suddenly the images flow in your mind. You feel free and peaceful, full of new visions. Why return to the mainland?


Ginger Oil

Helichrysum Seeds

Patchouli Oil