Niccolò Poggi Firenze

Sinuo Glossy White Vase - Niccolò Poggi Firenze

An object with sinuous shapes, like those of a woman's body.
The object changes shape, depending on the point from which you look at it, creating an ever-changing visual effect.
This is the composition that contemporary designer Niccolò Poggi wanted to achieve with the Sinuo vase, in hand-painted ceramic and made in Florence by expert craftsmen. The process of realization of the Niccolò Poggi Firenze line is completely innovative; it starts from two-dimensional drawing or 3D modeling.
After making the models by hand, using different materials such as clay, wood or plaster.
This is the real moment of creation, a moment in which sensations are transformed into reality. Later, the skilled hand of the artisans, goes to complete the creative process, giving life each time to a unique piece.

Painted and finished by hand. Any variation in color and detail is not to be considered as a defect, but as a synonym of uniqueness, the result of the craftsmanship of the product.

Measures H: 40 X 20 X 30 cm