Memo Paris

Winter Palace - Memo Paris

The dragon's awakening, Imperial. His eyes sparkle with a
freezing fire. Essence of orange. It rises above mine
cup of red tea. His breath swirls the taste of bergamot.
Its flickering shadow stretches into the hall of honor where I
I find. Suddenly the heat increases. The atmosphere passes
from citrus to hardwood. With a surge of momentum he leaves the palace in
a flash of dust. Benzoin. What are you looking for? Outside, the snow
suddenly it stops. In the distance I see him: he follows the Great
Chinese wall and, with it, sway. The dragon is at its maximum
of joy, drunk with freedom. Sow a perennial spring, tea
Of maté, grapefruit, while, behind him, leaves amber and vanilla
passionate. Winter Palace has unleashed its messenger, a king.
leathery, winged dragon with a fiery wake.

Bergamot oil
Red Tea Agreement
Amber agreement