Orto Parisi

Bergamask - Orto Parisi

A straightforward and decisive impact in which the citrusy and essential start of bergamot combines with an accent of orange blossom, then abruptly giving way to a powerful and deep base of woods, leather and animal musk.

"The parts of the body where there is the most smell are where the soul gathers the most. Smells that are too strong have become unpleasant for us, because the excess of soul is intolerable to the extent that our 'animality' is repressed and stifled by our society. This project is my vegetable garden, I have planted it, fertilized it, cultivated it and harvested its fruits. In Orto Parisi the body is experienced as a garden, the smells are the true mirror of its soul." A. Gualtieri.


Sicilian Bergamot, Dry Woods Amber, Aldehydes, Musk