Orto Parisi

Cuoium - Parisi Garden

Cuoium, the latest olfactory creation from the Orto Parisi brand, is a contemporary take on a classic of traditional perfumery: leather.
The uniqueness and unmistakable style of Alessandro Gualtieri characterize the fragrance and are perceived from the top notes and throughout the long-lasting evolution, resulting in a jus of character, strength and sensuality.
The leather-leather accord blends with woody notes creating an animalic appeal in the jus.
Orto Parisi's collection is an olfactory dedication to the progenitor of the Italian nose, and this seductive essence in particular is a dedication to the men of yesteryear and to a society imbued with respect and love for nature.

Packaging: the rusty metal cap features a logo carved on leather; the bottle comes with a removable, reusable, vegetable-tanned leather cover.


Notes of leather and ozonated